Main activities: carrying out scientific research in the field of materials science; Development and industrial realization of complex methods for improving the structural strength of heavily loaded parts, units of products and tools; Maintenance of a multisectoral production of materials science.

Research base of the laboratory including metal science labs, metallographic, forged metal, casting color and black alloys, nonmetallic materials, molding materials and laser processing, metal coating, anticorrosive, strength, mechanical testing and Wear resistance, X-ray structural analysis, electron microscopy and technical introscopy.

The laboratories of the CPL are equipped with modern equipment.

CPL disposal of the bank's own programs for processing experimental results on the computer.

CPL has extensive experience in solving problems of increasing reliability and durability of products due to the introduction of new materials and progressive technological processes, integrated strengthening, modern types of physical nondestructive quality control, design optimization.

CPL performs research on the composition, structure and condition of any solid body, any testing of materials with determination of mechanical and fatigue characteristics, wear parameters and bump resistance.

CPL disposal of original developments in the field of high-performance energy-saving technologies, including the use of continuous lasers, the manufacture of precise forged and stamped blanks, environmentally friendly and low-toxic processes in galvanic and thermal production, the use of new non-toxic And non-combustible washing and cooling liquids, composite electrochemical coatings, complex methods of nondestructive testing.

[b] Quality control methods used [/b]

Express chemical analysis, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, microstructure determination, colorimetry, lumpectrum, X-ray diffraction, radiographic inspection, electroscopy, leak testing, Sound flaw detection, color flaw detection, control of dimensional accuracy, control of pouring temperature, control of the properties of molding and core materials.

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