Along with the main production and tooling equipment was developed and developed in the plant, it turned into a specialized production with the latest technologies and unique equipment and experienced personnel.

Application of high-performance equipment, computer facilities and advanced technologies for machining of parts on CNC machines, electrophysical and electrochemical methods for forming complex surfaces, molding in EPOXY PLASTIC molds, , Methods of shaping and strengthening of complex tooling working surfaces allows the plant to produce almost all types of tools and equipment for the needs of the enterprise.

Production includes workshops, services and sites necessary for the design and manufacture of cutting and measuring, auxiliary and special tools, cold stamping and molding tools and appliances Small mechanization - both for the needs of the plant itself, and for performing third-party orders.


[b] Products: [/b]

- stamps of cold stamping with weight up to 25 tons (cutting, cut-out punching, cutting, flexible, exhaust, calibrating, chased)

- technological equipment (conductors, turning, milling devices)

- a pneumatic tool;

- molds for general mechanical rubber goods;

- broaches: round, flat, splined, involute, straight-toothed;

- worm cutters;

- roll-up rollers;

- firmware;

- Drills: with a cylindrical shank Ø3 ÷ 10 with a shank shank Ø5 ÷ 50;

- countersinks;

- sweep;

- cutters: with cylindrical shank Ø4 ÷ 20

- with a conical shank Ø8 ÷ 50

- disk

- angular

- special (profile)

- cutters: cutting, through, undercut, persistent, threaded, boring;

- taps Ø3 ÷ 30;

- thread rolling rollers;

- the thread of the cutter;

- prismatic incisors;

- special measuring tool;

- control devices;

- shock marks;