[b]Castings from the following steel grades:[/b]

• Carbon steels (25L, 35L, etc.)

• low-alloy steels (ZOHNML, 32X06, etc.)

• High-alloy steels (G13L, 40Х24Н12CL, etc.)

Weight of castings from 10 to 700 kg (single castings up to 3000 kg).

[b] Colored casting [/b]

• castings from aluminum alloys (AL2, AL4, AL5, AL9, AL32)

• bronze castings (BrS8-8, BrOF1-1, BrOTSS5-505, etc.)

Weight of castings from 0.1 to 350 kg.

[b] Cast Iron Casting [/b]

Castings from cast iron:

• gray cast iron from СЧ15 to СЧ35;

• high-strength cast iron from HF45 to HF60;

• antifriction cast irons.

Weight of castings from 10 kg to 3000 kg.

[b] Investment casting [/b]

Precise casting from various grades of steels, cast irons, brass and bronze.

Weight of castings from 0.03 to 6 kg. Maximum dimensions (one measurement) up to 380 mm.

[b] Typical castings: [/b]

• steel and iron casting - sleeves, pistons, to / shafts, hulls, collectors, crankshafts, yokes, axleboxes, etc .;

• aluminum casting - blower body, reducer housing, wheel • blowers, impeller, engine block etc .;

• bronze castings - root inserts, connecting rods, bushings.

p style = "text-align: center;"> [b] The main technological equipment [/b]

[b] Ceramics: [/b]

• cast iron and steel casting - electric arc furnaces DS-6N1;

• aluminum casting - furnaces PC-120, SAN-1,5, \ "Coleman \",

• bronze casting - electric arc furnaces DMK 0,25,

• precise steel casting and bronze - induction furnaces IST 016/025; IST 016/032.

[b] Molding and core equipment: [/b]

molding machines mod. 233, 234 m, 271; Pescomet mod. 24437. Rod machines mod. 25-83; equipment for rods with HTS (mixer model 19675M and vibration table model 21433) centrifugal installation (NSO) complete with UGPP mod. One thousand five hundred and seventy-seven for obtaining large cylindrical rods over the heated tooling.

[b] For special casting methods [/b]

Melting furnaces IST-016, ten-position automatic machines, mixers, drying chambers, calcining furnace.

For large-sized one-off orders, formations are applied to the ground on the parade ground in special flasks.

[b] Treatment equipment: [/b]

Shot blasting chamber, tumbling drums, stationary emery machines, line for shot cleaning pistons, cleaning drums, leaching plant.

[b] Thermal equipment: [/b]

Thermal furnaces with withdrawable hearth, furnaces for heat treatment and normalization.

[b] Typical Castings [/b]

Steel and cast iron castings - sleeves, pistons, to / shafts, oil, hulls, etc .; aluminum casting - blower body, reducer casing, blower wheel, impeller, engine block, etc .; bronze castings - root inserts, connecting rods, bushings.

[b] Manufacturing of foundry equipment [/b]

Cast steel castings, chill molds, molds for investment casting, molds for injection molding, molds for centrifugal casting machines. Model production: model sets of wood, aluminum alloys.

[b] Quality control methods used [/b]

Express chemical analysis, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, microstructure determination, photo colorimetry, lum-control, X-ray diffraction, radiographic inspection, electroscope, leak test, hydrodensity check, sound defectoscopy, color flaw detection, dimensional accuracy control, , control properties of molding and core materials.

[b] Additional features: [/b] primer, heat treatment, machining.